About Filing of eform DIR-3KYC (Director KYC)

Every Director who holds a DIN (Director Identification Number) as on March 31, 2021 shall hereby file form DIR-3 KYC by September 30, 2021. The MCA has released a new form DIR-3 KYC Web pursuant to the notification. The Directors shall be required to file their KYC in any of the form as per the following;

1. Form DIR-3 KYC Web

Web based E-form where the Director details have not changed as per the last DIR-3 KYC form. Such Directors would be required to file their KYC using the Form DIR-3 KYC Web.

2. Form DIR-3 KYC

The Directors whose details have been changed or who wants to update their email id or mobile numbers shall be required to file their KYC in Form DIR-3 KYC. Also the Directors who are filing the KYC for the first time shall file Form DIR-3 KYC.

Filing of eform DIR-3KYC (Director KYC)

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Our scope of work

    1. Preparation of Form DIR-3 KYC

    2. Arranging for certification of Form DIR-3 KYC, if any.

    3. Filing of Form DIR-3 KYC.


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