About Annual / Yearly Compliance Package of Companies

Annual compliances are the post incorporation legal responsibilities of a business entity to comply with the established guidelines. The Annual Compliance includes holding and preparation of documents of Board Meeting, Annual General Meeting of the Company and Maintanence of Statutory Registers and Annual Filing of the Companies.

Every Company is required to comply with mandatory Statutory regulations like Income Tax, GST, Companies Act. Our Annual Compliance Packages includes;

1. Board Meeting Documents

2. Annual General Meeting Documents

3. Income Tax Return (Due Date - September 30 every year)

4. Annual filing / ROC Filing (Due Date October and November every year)

5. Director KYC ( Due date September 30 every year)

Annual / Yearly Compliance Package of Companies

Our Professional Fees : INR 11,999/-

(Prices are inclusive of GST; Government Fees and other charges will be charged at actuals)

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Our scope of work

    1. Preparation of 4 Board Meeting documents;

    2. Preparation of Annual General Meeting documents;

    3. Preparation of Annual Filing forms i.e. Form AOC-4 and MGT-7 of the Company.

    4. Filing of Annual Filing forms.

    5. Filing of Income Tax Return upto turnover of 50 lakhs.

    6. Preparation and filing of DIR-3 KYC form (Annually) for 2 Directors